Facial Implants: How They Work To Improve Your Features

Having a perfectly symmetrical face with well-defined contours is rarely a gift from Nature, and as we get older, sagging skin can obscure facial contours even more. At Houston Cosmetic Surgery, we help patients look and feel their best with facial implants using state-of-the-art materials and advanced technology for the best results and highest levels of patient satisfaction. Implants are designed not only to improve specific contours, but to gently lift the surrounding tissues for an all-over effect that can help you look more attractive and more youthful. 

Facial implants are most commonly used in the chin and cheeks, but their effects can enhance your entire facial structure. And even though implants aren’t as widely talked about as other facial cosmetic procedures, they have plenty of applications and benefits — probably more than you realize. For starters, implants can be an ideal solution for improving your facial symmetry in men and women with disproportionate features (both overly large features and features that are unusually small or receding). And they can also help combat the sagging and drooping associated with age-related changes in your skin. Our implants are made of FDA-approved silicone which has a long history of safe use, and they’re available in a wide array of sizes and shapes to help each patient get the custom results they’re looking for. 


Your facial skin is relatively thin, and that means the underlying structural elements like bones and muscles are more visible than they are in most other parts of the body. Any abnormality, deficiency, or aberration in the size or shape of these underlying features is, therefore, more visible and “exposed.” Sometimes, this can work to your advantage. For instance, if you have naturally high or pronounced cheekbones, it can help define the contours of your face and even help lift up your lower face so any age-related sagging is diminished. Higher cheekbones also help avoid under-eye “bags,” pockets of sagging tissue that can add years to your appearance. 

On the other hand, if your cheekbones are small or flat or if you have other challenges, like a “weak” or receding chin or jawline, your entire face can look undefined and “weak” as well. As you age, the effects of an underdeveloped facial structure can become even more pronounced as the effects of gravity, genetics, and a lifetime of sun exposure cause your skin to sag and droop more dramatically. 

Facial implants “build up” specific areas of your face to create more attractive contours that help define your features and reduce sagging and hollowness. Plus, by improving and enhancing your natural facial features, implants create a much more pleasing symmetry and balance for your features overall. 


A facial implant procedure begins with consultation and planning. During your initial office visit, Dr. Davila will examine your face and assess the underlying structure, paying close attention to your chin, cheekbones, jawline and “fixed” features like your eyes and mouth. Then he’ll work with you to design an approach to enhance your facial features and achieve a more pleasing balance while also for ways to address specific issues like a weak jawline, receding chin, or age-related sagging. Ultimately, the approach used in your procedure will be completely customized for you so you can feel confident you’ll get the results you’re looking for. 

Most implant procedures are performed using either general anesthesia or local anesthesia, which may be used with a sedative to help you relax. Dr. Davila is skilled in making incisions for implant placement in areas where they’ll be naturally hidden once the area has healed. Most incisions can be placed inside the lower eyelid area or inside the mouth for cheek implants, or inside the lower lip or just under the chin for chin implants. Once the incision is made, Dr. Davila manipulates the tissue in the target area to create a pocket that will help support and “fix” the implant in place. Then he inserts the implant and adjusts it before closing the incisions with tiny sutures. Most facial implant procedures take two hours or less to complete. 

Initial recovery and healing takes about a week, at which time your sutures will be removed. At your follow-up visit, Dr. Davila will let you know when you can return to your regular activities. 


Facial implants can dramatically improve your facial symmetry and they can also help you combat the signs of aging. To learn more about the facial implant procedure at Houston Cosmetic Center, Contact The Practice today.

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