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Total Body Lift


A body lift is the perfect solution for sagging skin and excess fat. It is usually preferred by those wanting a firmer midsection and lower body. Just like a facelift smoothes out the skin on your face and makes it tighter, a body lift smoothes out your abdominal area, thighs, and buttocks. It covers a large area, and its results are quick as well as dramatic.

Most people opt for this surgery when their skin starts sagging due to aging. However, the most common reason for getting a body lift is to get rid of the excess skin, which has lost elasticity and cannot be firmed up with any other method.


If you have a lot of loose skin on several parts of your body, you could benefit from a complete body lift. If you have lost a lot of weight recently, your skin might have started sagging, in which case you can opt for a body lift to tighten it up.

To be eligible for the procedure, you should be healthy overall, in order to allow the use of anesthesia before the surgery. Women planning on pregnancies in the near future should not go for a body lift, as pregnancy can reverse the effects of the surgery. If you do not consume alcohol and do not smoke, you can undergo the surgery. In case you smoke or drink, you will have to stop the habit for a few weeks before and after the treatment (as per the doctor’s suggestion).

You also need to realize that a body lift is not a miracle solution for getting rid of saggy skin and excess fat. Once you get the surgery done, you should stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise regularly. Ultimately, it is vital to have realistic expectations for the procedure. Though your body will look firmer and younger after the surgery, aging can cause loose skin again.


It is essential to have a detailed discussion with Dr. Davila about the procedure to ensure that both of you are clear about each other’s expectations from the surgery. Dr. Davila will explain to you how the surgery will be performed. It will involve creating an incision in your abdomen, from which extra skin and other tissue will be trimmed away. The length of the incision will vary based on the area where you want excess fat removed. The incision will then be closed with medical sutures.

As you may take some time to recover from the procedure, you should understand every aspect of the surgery by asking Dr. Davila about it before you are operated on. It is essential to follow the instructions of Dr. Davila after the surgery to ensure complete and safe healing. The results of the treatment will be obvious right away but may take longer to develop completely in each area: abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Learn more from Dr. Davila, a skilled cosmetic surgeon, during a consultation.


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