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There are many reasons why your breasts start to sag, including:

  • Loss of collagen as you age

  • Gravity

  • Childbirth and breastfeeding

  • Extreme fluctuations in your weight

In fact, there’s even a name for the condition -- ptosis -- and it’s measured on a scale from mild to severe:

  • Mild -- your nipple begins to droop slightly

  • Moderate -- both your nipple and your lower breast begin to sag

  • Advanced -- your nipple descends below your inframammary fold (the bottom boundary of your breast)

  • Severe -- your nipple descends well past your inframammary fold


The goal of a breast lift, which is also known as a mastopexy, is to lift and reshape your breasts. When Dr. Davila performs the procedure, he takes care to preserve the function of your breasts while he gives them a new shape. To do this, Dr. Davila removes excess tissue from your breasts and repositions, and even reshapes, your areolas.

Dr. Davila has three ways he achieves this. He can make a circular incision around your areola to perform the work or make an incision around your areola and down toward your breast crease. For more involved restructuring, Dr. Davila makes those incisions, plus a horizontal one underneath your breast.

Depending upon your goals, Dr. Davila may reduce the size of your areolas so that they’re proportionate to your newly-shaped breasts.


Dr. Davila generally performs breast lifts in an outpatient procedure, which means you’re free to return home after. You’ll likely feel some soreness in the area, which over-the-counter pain medications can usually take care of. Dr. Davila supplies you with a compression garment to keep your breasts from swelling or shifting while they heal.

Your results are immediate, but your body needs time to heal before you can fully appreciate Dr. Davila’s work. Depending on the extent of your procedure, you should allow a few weeks to several months before the final results are evident.

If you’d like to explore how you can regain a more youthful profile with a breast lift, call Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation.


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