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As you age, your skin naturally loses elasticity as your collagen and elastin production slows down. Without this support, your skin is more vulnerable to gravity and begins to sag. As well, years of muscle contractions in your face leave well-worn paths behind in the form of wrinkles. Lastly, the thin layer of fat that lies beneath the skin on your face begins to disappear, contributing to the hollow, sagging look associated with age.

The combined effect of diminished elasticity, wrinkles, and fat loss takes its toll, especially on your face, which is arguably the most exposed area of your skin.


The term facelift is an apt description for the procedure that Dr. Davila performs. There are two main types of facelifts:

  • Full facelift: Dr. Davila makes an incision along your hairline from your temple, down around your earlobe, and back to your lower scalp. From there, Dr. Davila lifts your skin, removes excess skin and tissue, and redrapes it over your face, pulling it taut. You may also opt for the following when you have a full facelift: Blepharoplasty -- eyelid surgery, Neck lift, and Forehead lift.

  • Mini facelift: Through small incisions around your hairline and ears, Dr. Davila tightens the skin around your cheeks and jawline.During your initial consultation, Dr. Davila helps you choose the procedure that’s best for you based on your age, your skin tone, and your bone structure.


Immediately after your facelift, you should expect to experience bruising and swelling as your body starts to heal. You should plan to take it slow for a few days after the procedure and avoid any strenuous activities.

The bruising and swelling usually begins to clear up after a few weeks, at which point you’ll gradually see the results of your surgery. Bear in mind that you need to be patient during this time as your body heals and your skin resettles.

After a month or two, you’ll be enjoying your new, younger-looking face.

To find out how a facelift can restore youth and vitality to your face, call Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation.


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