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Thigh Lift


Though you don’t need to aim for the unrealistic “thigh gap” look to make your legs look attractive, toned thighs do help you look appealing. Getting rid of stubborn thigh fat can be difficult, and some may not be able to achieve results even after exercising and eating right. If following a healthy diet and exercising have not been able to help you tone down your thighs, you can consider thigh lift surgery.

The thighs are among the most common areas where the body stores fat, more so in women than in men. Age too is a detrimental factor, leading to a greater storage of fat deposits in the lower body. The thigh lift recontours and tones the thighs.


During thigh lift surgery, excess loose skin in the thigh area is removed surgically, resulting in tighter and firmer thighs. Your surgical options may include the inner thigh lift, mini thigh lift, bilateral thigh lift, and medial thigh lift. The kind of surgery performed on you depends on your desired results and the amount of excess tissue to be removed.


After confirming your eligibility for the procedure, cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Davila will mark the areas on your thighs where incisions will be created. These marks will serve as a guide for Dr. Davila during the surgery.

Next, you will be prepared for the surgery. Your thigh areas will be cleaned, and you will be administered general anesthesia. Once it is injected in your body, you may not remember the proceedings of surgery, and you will not feel any pain or sensation.

Incisions will be made on your thighs. Using these, fat deposits and soft tissues will be removed from the region. After the fat is taken out, Dr. Davila will pull the skin in the operated area to smooth it out. The incisions will then be stitched shut.


Thigh lift surgery is an outpatient procedure, but you will have to take care of a few things after the treatment. You may have to wear a surgical garment after surgery to keep the stitches from opening up. Your body may feel sore after the effect of the anesthesia wears off, but you may still not feel any pain, as you will have been given painkillers. However, you will not be allowed to take ibuprofen or aspirin. Drains may be used to prevent fluid from accumulating in the operated part.

After you are driven back home, you will have to stay on liquids for at least 24 hours after the surgery. You will be advised to lie down and rest often and to avoid any position that would strain your thigh tissues.

For the first few days, you may need assistance in engaging in normal activities like making food. After a week, you will have to follow up with Dr. Davila and discuss any issues you might be facing. If the area is healed, the sutures may be removed. After about two to three weeks, you should be able to return to work.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Davila and get started with your thigh lift, contact our office.


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