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Deep Plane Facelift Specialist

Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center: David D. Davila, DO, FACOS

Cosmetic Surgeon located in Vintage Park, Houston, TX

Facelift tools and techniques have come a long way in recent decades, and the possibilities with today’s options are truly impressive. David Davila, DO, FACOS, and the team at Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas, use facelift techniques to help patients look younger and well-rested, without an overly tight or “done” look. Book your consultation online or over the phone today to learn more.

Facelift Q & A

Why choose a facelift over other aesthetic procedures?

Advancements in aesthetic and surgical technologies have provided more options for facial rejuvenation than ever before. You can choose from procedures that improve the appearance of your skin, boost collagen production, enhance volume, or lift targeted areas of your face. 

While there are numerous medical aesthetic options to consider, none match the power of a facelift to transform your facial contouring. Best of all, in the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Davila at Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center, you can achieve outstanding results that are natural-looking and engineered to suit your underlying bone structure. 

What steps does a facelift involve?

As with most plastic surgery procedures, you receive anesthesia at the start of the facelift process. That ensures you can rest comfortably from start to finish and won’t be aware of the steps involved in your facelift. 

Dr. Davila does much of the work of a successful facelift long before you enter the surgical area. The planning stage is critical to a great outcome and involves determining exactly which techniques are best suited for your needs and goals. 

There are numerous options for how to perform facial augmentation. Some people get the best results from a limited incision lift, commonly called a mini facelift. Others need a traditional, full facelift to achieve the best final result. 

Dr. Davila begins by making small incisions to gain access to the tissues beneath your skin. He often places Incision lines around and behind the ears, and they may extend into your scalp. 

He then carefully removes or redistributes fat and other tissue to improve facial contouring. Dr. Davila often lifts facial muscles, and once he is pleased with the overall changes, he redrapes the skin and trims away any excess. 

If desired, Dr. Davila can perform a brow lift, forehead lift, or neck lift at the same time as your facelift. The final step is closing the incisions using sutures or skin adhesives. Dr. Davila makes every effort to create incision lines that blend with your skin once healing is complete.

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

Many people are well suited for a facelift, but there are several important considerations to make before moving forward with this procedure. If you have untreated health conditions that could get in the way of proper healing, you may need to wait until you have properly managed those issues. 

If you’re a smoker, the best thing you can do to ease the recovery process and achieve optimal facelift results is to find a smoking cessation program that works for you and quit the habit before your procedure. Smoking is detrimental to your circulation, immune system, and other aspects of the healing process. 

One thing that is often overlooked when preparing for a facelift is the importance of having realistic expectations. There are limits to what any surgical procedure can accomplish, and knowing what to expect makes it far more likely that the results will please you. 

When you’re ready to learn more about a facelift, book a face-to-face consultation at Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center online or by phone.