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How Long Does Liposuction Last?

If you have undergone liposuction, you may wonder whether or not the fat that has been removed will return. Liposuction is certainly permanent, but fat can still return if you do not improve your exercise and eating habits. 

Understanding how fat changes and how it is redistributed in your body will clarify this for you. Therefore, while you relish the outcome of your liposuction, it will be unwise not to modify your eating and exercise habits. By paying attention to your health needs, you can ensure that your liposuction outcomes last longer. 


You have only a set number of fat cells in your body. This is to say that your body does not generate any extra fat cells. These existing fat cells only become larger or smaller as you add or lose weight. 

Gaining weight, therefore, is not an effect of a rising number of fat cells in your body. Rather, it is the outcome of an increase in the size of the already existing fat cells. When you undergo liposuction, a lot of the fat from the area receiving treatment is removed permanently. The fat cells are gone for good, and the treated areas now look more proportional to the rest of your body. 

However, some fat cells will remain in these treated areas and can grow larger if you gain weight after the procedure. However, since you will have fewer fat cells remaining, the parts of your body that have undergone liposuction will stay in good shape even after you gain a few pounds. 

If you gain too much weight, your body will redistribute the fat to areas that were not treated by liposuction. As a result, these parts will appear unevenly bigger than the rest of your body because they have more fat cells. 


As you have seen, liposuction will improve your body shape, but it is not an effective way of losing weight. The procedure also does not allow you an eat-everything-you-can lifestyle. If you want to make sure that the fat cells left do not expand, you must do your part to sustain your weight through exercise and diet. 


Maintaining your liposuction results only needs you to do these three simple things: 


Frequent exercise is important for the lasting benefits of liposuction. Exercising can be as simple as walking your pet every day for 30 minutes or more. Also, you can ask your liposuction doctor to suggest suitable exercises to include in your routine. 


This point cannot be overstated. Liposuction is not a license to eat anything you want. Eating veggies, fruits, whole grain, lean protein, and nuts can help lower your fat content. 


Many doctors encourage their patients to get near their target weight before undergoing liposuction. After the procedure, you should actively maintain a stable weight to tackle weight gain before it begins. 

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