Who Is A Good Candidate For A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Desirable female forms have changed a great deal over the decades. In the 60s, androgynous shapes and features were coveted, whereas in the 80s a sportier physique was considered more favorable. Today, the female figure is all about the curves with a tiny waist and a big, round and pert booty being one of the most wanted physical attributes of women in the western world. Whilst we aren’t all blessed with a naturally bountiful bottom, this doesn’t make this bootylicious dream impossible. A Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that can enable even the flattest of rears to become perfectly round and perky. 


The goal of a Brazilian butt lift is to enhance the size and shape of a person’s buttocks so that they can enjoy a more voluptuous shape. The procedure itself is very simple and straightforward. Fat is taken via liposuction from another area of the patient’s body, purified and then reinserted into the booty by way of multiple injections. The fat is then manipulated around so that it forms the shape and size needed to create the booty that the patient desires.

The entire process is minimally invasive and can be performed using a combination of local anesthetic and sedation. Recovery takes a few weeks and you will need to take care to follow the instruction provided by your surgeon to ensure that you achieve the optimal result from your procedure. This will include information about not placing pressure directly onto the buttocks and caring for the wounds. Some post-operative discomfort is to be expected, but over the counter pain relief is usually sufficient to make it manageable. 


A Brazilian butt lift is a straightforward procedure that is suitable for the vast majority of patients who are considering it. To be considered a good candidate for this transformative procedure, patients should:

- Be unhappy with the size of their buttocks and be seeking a larger, rounder and more defined rear.

- Be comfortable with their current weight, which should be considered healthy based on their shape and height.

- Not be intending on losing any weight as this will change the appearance of the buttocks and render the initial procedure pointless.

- Not be intending on gaining weight as again, this will change the appearance of the buttocks, particularly if the weight is lost again.

- Be in good overall health and at low risk of complications from the procedure, as assessed by their surgical team.

- Be a non-smoker, or at least prepared to quit smoking for a minimum of two weeks ahead of their surgery, and four weeks afterward. This is necessary since smoking increases the risk of complications and slows down healing.

- Be prepared to cut out all alcohol for two weeks before and after their surgery.

- Not have any excess skin around the buttock area. This is because this could cause complications. Excess skin would need to be removed before a Brazilian butt lift can be carried out.

- Have enough excess fat to have the liposuction needed to extract fat for transfer. Typically, three to four times the fat is needed as will be injected back into the buttocks, to allow for waste during the purification process.

- Have a positive mindset and are undergoing the procedure for themselves and not for anyone else. They should also have realistic expectations for the results of their procedure.

If you are considering a Brazilian butt lift and would like to discuss your candidacy in more detail, please contact our offices to schedule a confidential consultation with our discreet and experienced cosmetic surgery team.

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