Top Benefits Of A Total Body Lift

A body lift procedure refers to a procedure used to remove excess skin after significant weight loss. People who lose lots of weight from dieting, exercise, or bariatric surgery may have a challenge shedding off the extra skin. A body lift procedure benefits such people by contouring the skin to fit the remaining muscles. 

Body lifts are custom procedures created for specific patients according to their requirements. Some people wait until their weight loss process is complete to do a body lift. Others have it performed under anesthesia during weight loss surgery. Here are the reasons for considering a whole-body lift. 


After extreme weight loss, the extra bits of skin makes it seem as though you still have some of the weight. The newly sculpted areas have skin folds that cover the results of the weight loss. A full-body lift contours the body to give you a smooth look. 

It helps by streamlining the body so that you can see the real progress of your weight loss. When you can track your weight loss journey well, you get more motivation to keep improving. 


Removing excess skin helps to eliminate health issues. Extra skin requires extra care. It also attracts skin infections, rashes, and inflammation. Smoothing the skin out reduces the chance of skin inflammation and other skin conditions. 

Extra skin folds also give you a bad fitting for your clothes. When you lose weight, you should be able to wear clothes that fit your new body. All the loose skin makes it hard to fit into your new size. 


A full-body lift gives you smooth skin without extra folds. This improves fluid circulation throughout the whole body. When your fluid moves effectively, you reduce the risk of getting other underlying conditions. Friction from excess skin causes stress and tension on the skin, causing pain and inflammation. After a body lift, personal care is easier hence reducing the chances of inflammation. 


Having extra skin all over the body makes it hard to exercise. Friction and extra weight from the skin makes exercising difficult. Too much sweating from exercise also irritates the skin and causes other problems. 

Extra skin interferes with fluid circulation during exercise. It makes you work twice as hard with minimal results. When you get a full-body lift, your skin is toned and well-contoured. It makes it easy for you to exercise as well as go about your daily activities. 


Losing weight gives the patient a new body. This improves the patient’s self-confidence and outlook in life. Extra skin gives the illusion of extra weight, which can be a big downer. When you have your weight loss procedure, it is good to have a total body lift. It completes the look, and you can be proud of your weight loss journey. You can fit into your clothes well. When you have a well-toned body, good circulation, and good spirits, you can achieve a lot. 

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