The Positive Impact Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Have on Your Body

It’s easy to underestimate the role hormones play in a healthy body, but they’re actually a vital component in most of your bodily systems. That means that when your hormones are out of balance, it can impact your whole body.

At Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. David Davila understands the importance of balancing your hormones to support your overall health. This is why he offers BioTE® hormone replacement therapy at his practice. This treatment provides men and women with a more natural option to bringing balance back to their systems.  

Keep reading to learn more about the positive impact hormone replacement therapy can have on your body.

Recognizing a hormonal imbalance

Your hormones help control many of your major bodily functions, such as hunger, sleep, heart rate, and reproduction. Unfortunately, hormone levels usually decline with age. The most common signs of a hormonal imbalance include:

You can also experience bone loss and dry skin or rashes.

How BioTE hormone replacement therapy works

Dr. Davila recommends BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to bring your hormones back into balance, because it’s a more natural solution than traditional, synthetic options.

BioTE hormone pellets come in two types, estradiol and testosterone. Each of these hormones corrects emotional, reproductive, and nonreproductive symptoms in both men and women by replicating the molecular structure of your naturally occurring hormones. BioTE hormone pellets tend to work better with your body’s chemistry than traditional hormone replacement therapies.

Another thing that sets BioTE apart from other hormone replacement therapies is that the pellets are inserted under your skin, so they can slowly release hormones into your body over time. This controlled approach keeps you off the hormonal roller coaster that’s usually a part of pills and creams, because you always have the same amount of hormones in your body.

BioTE also makes hormone therapy easy. Each BioTE dose lasts 3-6 months, so you don’t have to worry about daily or weekly schedules.

What to expect from BioTE hormone replacement therapy

First, you will be tested to determine your hormonal imbalance. Next, Dr. Davila will insert your BioTE pellets underneath your skin, usually in your upper buttocks or hip. The simple in-office procedure involves a tiny incision and bandage. After the procedure, you should avoid extraneous activity, swimming, baths, and hot tubs for a short period of time.

Once your BioTE pellets are in place, they will begin releasing hormones into your bloodstream immediately. As your hormones come back into balance, you can expect to experience a variety of improvements, including:

Most men and women begin seeing positive results from BioTE hormone replacement therapy within a few weeks, but it will take some time for your hormones to regain their proper balance. You should experience the full benefits within 3-6 months.

To see how hormone therapy can help you, call Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center or schedule an appointment online today.

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