How Biote Pellet Therapy Differs From Other Hormone Replacement Therapies

Though menopause is a natural time of life for women, sometimes its effects can feel anything but natural. Declining hormone production that accompanies the end of your reproductive years can result in dramatic changes to many body systems, and how it affects you may be different from other women. The symptoms and their intensity vary in many cases. 

Hormone replacement therapy bolsters your dwindling estrogen production and eases the symptoms resulting from menopausal changes. It remains the most effective way to cope with excessive hot flashes that accompany menopause. However, conventional hormone replacement therapy has, in rare cases, side effects and complications. Not all synthetic estrogen is created equally. The Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center chooses BioTE® pellets for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for both women and men. 


Complex chemicals, including human hormones, can be synthesized into forms that function as those made by the body, but that aren’t perfect duplicates at the molecular level. Hormone replacement therapy using these forms of hormone has related to statistical increases in cancer and other conditions. Although these numbers are small, one theory holds that the molecular differences between synthetic and natural hormones may be the cause. 

Bioidentical hormones, though still manmade, minimize differences at the molecular level. Although extensive research is ongoing, it’s thought that bioidentical versions of hormones have less risk of side effects than conventionally made artificial hormones. 


Most HRT uses oral forms of hormones to supplement natural levels. Taken in pill form, these drugs must pass through your digestive system before being absorbed into your body and distributed. Though they remain effective through this delivery route, other methods are gaining popularity, providing more direct routes to the bloodstream. The BioTE pellet system takes the advantages of BHRT and combines these with an implanted pellet delivery. 


Subcutaneous pellets have an advantage of steady release. Oral drugs can cause wild swings in hormone levels, peaking after one dose then dwindling before your next pill. BioTE pellets are, first of all, custom compounded by Food and Drug Administration registered pharmaceutical manufacturers, providing a high level of safety through per batch monitoring and FDA compliance oversight. 

BioTE pellets are typically placed below the skin on your hip. The insertion process is simple and fast, once your hormonal needs are established and the right pellet formulation is chosen. 


Though symptoms of male hormonal decline are generally less severe than women’s, the falloff of testosterone can have a significant effect on some men. BioTE pellets work precisely the same way for men, delivering compounded, bioidentical hormones in custom doses through pellets implanted in your hip. 

Dr. Davila and the team at Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center are BHRT specialists who use the BioTE pellet system to treat hormone imbalances in their patients. If you’re suffering from symptoms of hormone decline, call the office to schedule a personal exam and consultation to see if BHRT is the right answer for you.

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