5 Benefits of BioTE® Hormone Therapy

Your hormones play an incredible role in your overall health and wellness, though you’re rarely aware of it until you experience an imbalance, especially when it comes to your reproductive hormones. For both men and women, these chemical messengers regulate a number of systems, and when the levels are out of balance, it can leave you with a number of unwelcome side effects, from weight gain to loss of sexual health.

At Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center, we’re pleased to offer BioTE Medical bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to get your body’s systems back online naturally. If you’d like to explore how BioTE has restored the quality of life for many of our Houston area patients, we’ve outlined five of the many benefits of this hormone therapy below.

1. More energy

In both men and women, lower-than-normal reproductive hormone levels (testosterone in men and estrogen in women) can leave you feeling fatigued, lacking the old get-up-and-go you had just a few years ago.

While declining hormone levels are perfectly natural as you age, sudden and precipitous drops can take you by surprise. When your energy levels fall prey, the effect can be particularly frustrating. Using plant-based, bioidentical hormones (which means they’re chemically identical to your own hormones), we can restore your hormonal balance, getting you back to a healthy and active lifestyle, which is the best way to fight off the effects of aging.

2. Getting physical

Hormone imbalances often lead to outward physical changes. For example, a hormone imbalance in women can lead to thinning tissues, acne, or hair issues -- either the loss of the hair on their heads or unwanted body hair. Natural hormone changes during perimenopause and menopause may also lead to weight gain.

For men, hair loss and the reduction of muscle mass can change their outward appearance. As well, men tend to gain more weight around their middles as a result of a hormone imbalance.

With BioTE, we can regulate your hormones in order to prevent these physical side effects.

3. Mental and physical wellness

As we stated earlier, it’s hard to comprehend just how much your hormones influence your overall health and wellness until you experience an imbalance. Aside from the outward signs, a hormone imbalance can wreak just as much havoc on the inside. From bone loss to trouble regulating blood sugar, when your hormone levels are unstable, it casts a wide net over your physical health.

And your mental health isn’t immune to the effects of a hormone imbalance. Whether directly or indirectly, your hormones play a large role in your mood, and their absence can be a source of anxiety, leaving you feeling moody, irritable, and not quite yourself.

With BioTE, we bring your hormone levels up in order to better regulate your mental and physical well-being.

4. Improved sexual health

One of the biggest complaints of a hormone imbalance, for both men and women, is its effect on sexual health. Men with low testosterone levels can experience a lower libido and sexual dysfunction.

For women, the loss in estrogen causes thinning and dryness of the vaginal tissue, which leads to painful sex.

In both cases, BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works to restore sexual health from the inside out.

5. No pills, no creams

One of the biggest benefits of the BioTE hormone replacement therapy is that its delivery mechanism is very easy. We simply place a small pellet under your skin, which slowly releases the bioidentical hormones into your system. This means there are no pills or messy creams to deal with.

If you’d like to further explore how BioTE can help you, please give us a call or use the online scheduling tool on this website to request an appointment.

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