An Important Safety Message & COVID-19 Update from HOUSTON COSMETIC SURGERY CENTER

In light of the growing concerns over COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) and the World Health Organization’s announcement that it is now officially a pandemic, we wanted to reach out to our patients and reassure you of our commitment to maintaining a safe, clean environment at Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center and Cy-Fair Surgery Center.

As a healthcare facility, we sanitize all areas between patients, as well as regularly disinfecting door handles and other surfaces. We have placed hand sanitizers throughout our facility, and face masks are available upon request.

Unlike influenza or cold viruses that have symptoms within 24hrs of exposure, the COVID-19 symptoms may take as long as 9 days for onset, with an average of 5 days. This begins with tiredness and/or sore, achy muscles before respiratory symptoms become apparent. Healthy individuals typically experience mild to moderate cold symptoms and feel they can continue working or going to school but individuals can spread the virus without even showing any symptoms. COVID-19 remains infectious for 14-19 days post contact and can last on clothing and hard surfaces for over a week.

Individuals with weakened immune systems and underlying medical conditions are at greater risk. If you think you have been exposed, please contact your primary care provider for further instructions. IF you are sick, please stay home for 48-72 hours if you do not have a fever. If you do have a fever, you most likely have more than a cold. Please contact your primary care physician if you have any questions or concerns regarding your symptoms.

Additionally, please take note of the following:

  • As a cosmetic medicine facility, we typically do not service sick patients. Our patients are electing to have procedures that are not medically necessary, so your risk of running into an ill patient is lower than that of other healthcare facilities.

  • Our surgeries are performed at Cy-Fair Surgery Center and are used purely for elective treatments.

  • Patients who are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms are encouraged to reschedule appointments. The cancellation fee will be waived during this time.

We are a community and it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and others. Responsible behaviors and good hygiene are our best defense against any outbreak. We promise that our entire team is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and hygiene. If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact our office at (281) 502-5100.

Thank you,
Dr. David Davila and the Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center and Cy-Fair Surgery Center Team.

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Season:

  • During active flu season, acquire an annual flu shot. If a second strain has emerged, ask your physician or pharmacist who administered the vaccine if you are covered.

  • Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Use lotions as needed.

  • Do not touch your face without washing your hands first. Many infectious diseases are transmitted from hand or face contact.

  • Use hand sanitizers when you are unable to wash your hands with soap and water. Carry a hand sanitizer for use during and after social occasions where handshaking and food handling take place.

  • Limit your time with someone you know is sick. If you or a dependent is getting sick, know that you or your loved one is already contagious.

  • Face masks are not effective when you are healthy but can help prevent the spread of infectious droplets if you are ill and need to be around others.

  • Most importantly, please stay home when you are sick and contact your primary care provider for further instructions if you are ill.

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