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Breast Reduction Houston

Women with large breasts which become heavy and pendulous with age due to childbirth and breastfeeding can opt for breast reduction surgery, which is also called reduction mammoplasty.

The main aim of breast reduction surgery is to reshape the breasts in such a manner that they are proportional to the body and do not cause physical discomfort. Breast reduction surgery not only improves your physical appearance, it also relieves your physical burden and self-consciousness about unnaturally large breasts.

When Should Breast Reduction Surgery Be Considered?

  • If the breasts are excessively large and are causing pain in the back and shoulders
  • If the areolae and nipples are pointed downwards due to hanging pendulous breasts
  • If one breast is smaller than the other
  • If large breasts are making you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious

Options Available for Breast Reduction Surgery

The reduction you desire in breast size will help Dr. Davila determine which procedures would be suitable for your body type. If the breasts are very large, then the surgeon may have to resize the breasts and then remove nipples and areolae and attach them at a higher level to give them a more natural appearance. Under these circumstances, breastfeeding may not be possible in the future, and there may be a loss of sensation in that area.

Does Liposuction Help in Breast Reduction?

Liposuction will be right for your breast reduction surgery if there are fatty deposits in the breasts and these can be removed without causing any loss of sensation. In these circumstances, the breasts may sag after fat removal, but this can be improved by massage and exercise to some extent.

It’s common for menopausal women to have fat deposits in their breasts, and these women can easily reduce their breast size with liposuction. But patients with fibrous tissue in their breasts and without much fat are advised against liposuction of the breasts.

Liposuction can reduce breasts to almost one cup size. Sometimes after this procedure, skin elasticity may lead to contraction and upliftment of breast contours to a minimal extent.

What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery?

This procedure lasts between four to five hours. During the surgery, incisions are made to remove excess skin, fatty deposits, and breast tissues. The incision patterns depend on breast size and position of the nipple and areola combination. Though incisions can be concealed under breast contours, the incisions on the front section of the breast are permanent and will fade over a long period of time.

After the incisions are created, the skin above the nipple is brought down and stitched together to shape the breast. The nipples and areolae will then be stitched back into the breast at a normal angle.

There is likely to be soreness, pain, swelling, and bruising around the incisions for some weeks, which can be controlled through various methods recommended by Dr. Davila. Most patients are able to walk within a couple of days after surgery once their pain and soreness is gone. To learn more, speak with Dr. Davila about breast reduction surgery during a consultation.

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