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Breast Augmentation Houston

Do you wish you had a larger bustline? Having small breasts may be genetic or can occur as a result of volume loss from breastfeeding. If you would like to add volume and projection to your breasts, there’s no better procedure than breast augmentation.

Having larger breasts can improve one’s self-confidence and body image. They can also make the body appear more proportional.

During your consultation, you’ll be able to make several decisions regarding your breast augmentation surgery. In the end, the goal is to choose the techniques that best help you reach your ideal bust size and appearance.

You’ll be able to choose between saline and silicone breast implants. Each type of implant has its own pros and cons. Saline breast implants are found to be heavier and firmer than silicone implants, and silicone implants are said to feel more natural to the touch.

Other considerations in regards to implant specifications include size, shape (teardrop or spherical), and texture (smooth or textured).

You’ll also be able to choose the location of your incisions. Incision location options vary depending on a variety of factors. You may get your incision around the areola, which is known as the peri-areolar incision. You may choose the infra-mammary incision, made beneath the breast fold. Another option is the trans-umbilical incision, which is created around the bellybutton.

For saline breast implants specifically, you may be able to use the trans-axillary incision for your breast augmentation; this is made in the armpit. This incision is smaller than some of the other options. This is because pre-filled implants are not used with this option. Because the incision location is farther away from the breasts than the peri-areolar and infra-mammary incisions, the pre-filled silicone implants cannot make that journey; only an unfilled saline implant can.

In general, the procedure requires around an hour or more to complete. After your anesthesia has been administered, your incisions will be created. Pockets will then be made in the tissue of the chest in order to house the implants snugly, which helps to avoid implant drift. The implants will then be carefully inserted into the breast pockets, and the incisions will be sealed using sutures.

After your breast augmentation procedure, you’ll need to spend some time recovering. This aspect of the procedure is very important; treating your body gently and as recommended is the best way to avoid any post-surgical complications.

It may be necessary to wear a surgical support garment during your healing period and use cold compresses on the area at times; these techniques are helpful in ameliorating swelling and bruising, which are typical aspects of surgery. Some degree of swelling may last from three to six months.

In around three to seven days, depending on your healing progress, you may be able to return to your job. Physically taxing or stressful activities should be avoided for around two to three weeks.

Your medical sutures will be taken out during a follow-up appointment, typically in around seven to ten days.

To get started with your breast augmentation procedure, contact our office and arrange a consultation with Dr. Davila.

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